Helle Brisson 

MA in Spiritual Psychology Counselor / Life Coach

Guided Autobiography Instructor - Birren Center

NLP Practitioner

Reiki Master / Teacher

Past Life Regression Therapy
training by Brian Weiss, MD

Credit: Cover artwork for my book "Gently Touched by Angels" 
was created by my daughter, Gabby Gordon.
Gabby's an extraordinary singer/songwriter. For a link to 
her band's original music, visit: www.ebbandflow.band
Fire Angel Meditation Cards are meant as a beautiful tool for meditation and channeling of messages from the angels. They may be used alone or in groups, and can even be enjoyed with eyes closed.

Simply fan the cards and select one, or pick one randomly from the deck.  The card that attracts you first is the right card for you.  There’s never a wrong card.  You can pick more if you like.

Sit with the card for 5-10 minutes in quiet meditation, and ask the angels to send you messages or answers to your questions.  Wait for the answers.  If you need further inspiration, turn the card over and enjoy the messages that Helle received while meditating with that card. 

You can also pick a card as a quick daily reminder of the angels’ messages.  Fire Angel Cards may also be used to give readings to others - have them pick a card which you then meditate on and deliver the messages you receive.

After each meditation, refresh the energies in the cards with your thoughts of love and light and they will be ready to use again.

Fire Angel Meditation Cards

Set of 44 different images created by Grethe Gadegaard with interpretive text written by Helle Brisson (now in 3rd printing)

Price in US/Canada: US$ 20 plus shipping

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To see a video explaining the use of the cards, click on the arrow below:
In her book, Gently Touched by Angels, Helle Brisson takes the reader along on her personal journey through life; not only through the many countries she has lived in but also through her spiritual awakening. The journey continues through many lands and experiences to the present time when Helle is teaching others how to open up to receiving guidance and help from the angels.

With a positive down-to-earth attitude and great sense of humor, Helle shares her own stories to de-mystify how to communicate with the angels while reflecting on her experience overcoming the doubts she faced many times over the years. She makes the case that angels really exist and are only a thought away from helping us.

The 25 stories in Helle’s book are in chronological order starting in 1960 when Helle, as a young girl, saw her guardian angel in a hospital in Denmark when she was being treated for celiac disease. She then takes the reader through a young mother's experience of seeing her son’s guardian angel, to years later in Switzerland, where an angel appeared in front of her after a serious car accident. The journey includes wonderful angel experiences in Prague, London, Berlin and finally in San Diego where she and her family now live. 

Gently Touched by Angels is available in English in a sturdy high quality soft cover format.  Price: US $15 plus shipping

To order Gently Touched by Angels as a printed book on etsy.com:
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A pdf version of the book is available as well
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Helle Brisson

Author, Writers Course Leader and Life Coach
If you're an aspiring writer, or lacking the motivation to write creatively, I can help you remove your roadblocks and chart a path forward to writing your book.

For 2019, I am planning two Intensive Writer's Seminars in Idyllwild, California, and a 5-day Writer's Retreat in Maine.

The first Idyllwild Intensive Writer's Seminar will run 10-5 on Friday and Saturday, March 22-23 and finish with 10-3 on Sunday, March 24.  The Seminar will include lunches, but not accommodation (can be arranged separately)  
See details on Event Page ... a special artistic event has been planned for the evening before the seminar begins, 6-8 PM onThursday, March 21st, including dinner!  
The second Intensive Writer's Seminar will take place in Idyllwild in the fall and will have a similar structure.

I will be holding my annual Maine Writer's Retreat, September 17-22, 2019, in Rangeley, Maine at the Indian Point Retreat Center.  See the "highlights video" below and learn more details on the Event Page.

I'm a published author myself and you can read about my publications below. Right now, I'm busy working to publish the first in a series of children's books and have created a new deck of inspirational cards which will be available soon!
Love and joy!    Helle
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