What people are saying about Helle and her work...
​I highly recommend Helle's writer’s course. Helle's teaching style is very authentic and inspiring, and gives the student a feeling of being a writer right from the get go! She gives you tools that are easily applicable when you get home from the course and start working on your own writing project. I wish I’d had those tools and methods when I started writing years ago. I stopped back then because I felt frustrated and stuck in the process. Now I know what it takes to move ahead.
An extra bonus is that the tools Helle gives us can be used in many other areas of daily life.

I have known Helle for quite a while now and she never ceases to amaze me.  Her love and energy is so tangible it feels like a luscious warm blanket.  She has filled me with encouragement and hope.  She intuitively ‘sees’ my heart and warms it with her wisdom and love.

Cat Behan

Helle is truly committed to bringing light and healing to her audience. I have personally benefited from her readings and presence. She embodies JOY and LOVE in her being and radiates this to all who come in contact with her. She is accurate and kind in her readings and utilizes many healing modalities to provide service to her clients. 

Helle cares about the heart of others and offers loving and truthful support in order to serve. She has provided me with several readings which have been both accurate and most beneficial in all areas of my life. I highly recommend her for anyone seeking support, as she is like a breath of fresh air. She is radiant and loving and truly blesses those who she comes in contact with.

Marika Edlund, ATP.
Mother, Teacher, Business Women, Healer
I feel deeply that my life increased in riches and peace after your readings, and that you impart so much joy in your readings and writing coaching.  You give joy and passion along with such clear lessons with undivided and truly individual attention. Your coaching is firm and clear.  You are available, truthful and supportive and there is always somehow the thread of fun, like, "Hey, isn't this great!"...and it is.  

Your writing lessons and coaching also have depth of spirit and the guidance you give allows for an unfolding in my work

With Helle, it is all good and fun and guided.  And it keeps getting better.


Life...connection...spirit...awareness...grace...the journey.  It's amazing how it's all connected.  When you're in the flow...WOW, it FLOWS!!!  I have been in a state of greater awareness, the direction of my life has changed since I met Helle... and it's been a CLEAR and PEACEFUL transition.

Thank you so much for sharing your loving gift with me.

Phillip, San Diego
Helle is a very endearing person.  I am honored to call her "My Friend." From the very first time that we met (over a year ago) until now, she continues to display a wonderful energy within her.  It is always refreshing to have Helle in my presence.

At first, I was not sure if I could handle the truth.  I took the initiative one day, and after spending time with Helle, she has been able to guide me on the changes in my career and relationships with those who are close to me.  Her intuition has provided me with a life that contains very little complications.

Randy Swan

Helle Brisson

Author, Writers Course Leader and Life Coach
Helle's writer's course was exactly what I needed. In her wonderfully attentive and exciting way, Helle taught us how books are created, and I couldn't wait to get started myself. I brought really practical tools home with me that were easy to understand and for me to apply to my writing process. When I arrived at the course I wanted to be a writer, and when I left I had become one!
Helle helped me understand that being a writer starts from within. Thank you, Helle.

Last May, I participated in a 3 hours' writer’s workshop "Spin your Own Story" taught by Helle Brisson. During those three hours, I found more inspiration than I ever received at other workshops that lasted over a weekend! Thank you so much for that! I highly recommend Helle’s workshop if you need an inspirational and creative "nudge" forward in your writing process.

I strongly recommend Helle Brisson's writer’s course. There is plenty of content and inspiration to take away from the work methods she taught us. You will leave with concrete ideas on how to move ahead with your own writing.

Thank you for teaching me the healing power of writing!