Helle Brisson

Author, Writers Course Leader and Life Coach

Events in 2019:

Writer's Topics:
  • 3-Day Intensive Writer's Seminar- Idyllwild, California, March 21-24, 2019
                                              (see details below)

  • 5-Day Maine Writer's Retreat - Indian Point Retreat Center, Rangeley, Maine, September 17-22, 2019 (see details below)    

  • Guided AutoBiography Writing Workshop (Birren GAB program) - 10 session course presented at the Idyllwild Library January-April 2019. Spaces no longer available. If you are interested in participating in the Fall 2019 GAB course, please let Helle know.

Spiritual and Intuition Topics:
  • Brain Nutrition "Mind-Body-Spirit" Workshop (full-day event)
  • Wisdom of Women Workshop (full-day)

For more information, please e-mail Helle at:  hellebrisson@yahoo.com


Learn about Helle's upcoming Intensive Writing Seminar, March 21-24, 2019 in enchanting Idyllwild, California - an artistic and spiritual mountain village 2 hours 
east of Los Angeles (and a mile high up Mt. San Jacinto):

Kick-start your novel or memoir in one weekend!

Do you have a story to tell?

We all do… There is nothing more personal than what comes from the heart of a writer.
If you are ready, take the first step to your story by joining my Intensive Writing Seminar in Idyllwild, March 21-24, 2019! What better gift to give to yourself than an opportunity for safe and guided self-expression! Find the writer in you with practical tools, techniques and a new-found belief in your own abilities as a writer.

This Intensive Writing Seminar uniquely combines working in a magnificent natural setting, clearing the mind and unblocking creativity while staying focused on taking big steps in writing your story or book.

At this Seminar, you will fulfill your dream:
•    Find and structure your story
•    Understand the writing process
•    Get motivated
•    Unblock your creativity
•    Write, write, write!

Before you arrive for the Seminar, your host, Helle Brisson, will contact you to discuss the starting concept for your writing project, be it your own personal story (memoir or autobiography), or a novel (fiction/ fiction built on real stories). During the seminar, you will use proven techniques to structure and write your story. There will be daily writing exercises to apply the topics and techniques and homework. The program will have a limited number of participants, ensuring personalized attention and feedback. You will leave with the knowledge, momentum and inspiration needed to see your writing project to completion. Afterwards Helle will open up a private Facebook page for support and encouragement.

Here's a video of Helle describing her Writers’ Seminars and Retreats:

Here’s what participants in Helle’s workshops, seminars and retreats have to say:

Your host for the Writing Seminar

                                            Helle Brisson, MA – Author, Life Coach and Workshop Leader,                                                  Helle will teach you proven techniques to structure and write your                                             story. Helle has lived and worked across Europe and the US. She                                             brings her unique writing and coaching talents along with a life’s                                             worth of stories about remarkable people and experiences. 

Seminar Details

​All-inclusive class fee: $349 includes instruction, seminar materials, lunches, coffee/tea and a special artistic evening event and dinner 6-8 PM on Thursday, the 21st, the evening before the start of the seminar.  Accommodation is not included, but may be arranged at your request.

Seminar hours: 10-5 Friday, 10-5 Saturday, 10-3 Sunday
Location:  Idyllwild Public Library

Contact Helle to Register Today!  Phone: 760-809-7753 
hellebrisson@yahoo.com or on Facebook
Click here for a printable flyer

What people are saying about Helle Brisson’s writer’s courses...

"Helle's writer's course was exactly what I needed. In her wonderfully attentive and exciting way, Helle taught us how books are created, and I couldn't wait to get started myself. I brought really practical tools home with me that were easy to understand and for me to apply to my writing process. When I arrived at the course I wanted to be a writer, and when I left I had become one!
Helle helped me understand that being a writer starts from within. Thank you, Helle."

"Last May, I participated in a 4 hours' writer’s workshop "Spin your Own Story" taught by Helle Brisson. During those three hours, I found more inspiration than I ever received at other workshops that lasted over a weekend! Thank you so much for that! I highly recommend Helle’s workshop if you need an inspirational and creative "nudge" forward in your writing process."

"I strongly recommend Helle Brisson's writer’s course. There is plenty of content and inspiration to take away from the work methods she taught us. You will leave with concrete ideas on how to move ahead with your own writing."

"I highly recommend Helle's writer’s course. Helle's teaching style is very authentic and inspiring, and gives the student a feeling of being a writer right from the get go! She gives you tools that are easily applicable when you get home from the course and start working on your own writing project. I wish I’d had those tools and methods when I started writing years ago. I stopped back then because I felt frustrated and stuck in the process. Now I know what it takes to move ahead.
An extra bonus is that the tools Helle gives us can be used in many other areas of daily life.”

“Thank you for teaching me the healing power of writing!”

Dreaming of writing your story?

Whether it is a memoir, your autobiography or a memoir as fiction (a novel), this is a wonderful opportunity to get away from your daily grind and get your writing started. Imagine a beautiful retreat location, fall foliage and idyllic surroundings in Maine to focus on your story and writing process.

Join author and writer’s coach Helle Brisson and retreat organizer Kristi Stangeland for a five-day writer’s retreat September 17-22, 2019 at the Indian Point Retreat Center in Rangeley, Maine, where beautiful lake waters, fresh air, outdoor activities and home-made, organic meals complement our intensive writing program.

During the retreat, you will learn several easily applicable proven techniques to structure and write your book. There will be daily writing exercises to explore the topics and techniques, as well as a bit of homework. You will leave with the knowledge, momentum and inspiration needed to see your writing project to completion.

The program is limited to ten participants, ensuring personalized attention and feedback as well as a great group dynamic.

Before arriving at Indian Point, Helle will contact you to discuss the starting concept for your writing project, be it your own personal story (memoir or autobiography), or a novel (fiction/ fiction built on real stories). After the course Helle will invite you to a private Facebook page for support and encouragement to keep your writing flowing.

Indian Point is a remarkable lakefront property, two hours’ drive from the Portland, ME airport (or 4 hours from Boston or Montreal) in the breathtaking Rangeley Lake District in Maine near the Canadian border. Kristi will provide mindfulness coaching, meditation and Qigong to complement the available lakeside outdoor activities.

Plan on arriving the afternoon of Tuesday, September 17th, and departing after lunch on Sunday, September 22nd.

Prices for lodging, meals and taxes:

Shared room (for 2 with 2 beds):
Book before May 1st: $1,390; thereafter $1,690
Private room: 
Book before May 1st: $1,690; thereafter $1,990

Writing Class Fee (additional) 
Book before May 1st: $599; thereafter $699

Video to hear what the 2018 group of students had to say:

For more details or to register: 
or write: info@fscservice.com
Or call: 914 806 6611

To learn more about Indian Point:

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